I knew I loved you from the beginning. Through the nausea and the fear there was an instinct which pushed me to safety. I could never seem to find this for myself, but without hesitation could find for you.  I no longer had the space in my soul for abuse, we deserved so much more.  So I pushed myself to do what I was too terrified to do before…. I left it for us.

Slowly I’ve gotten to know you while the rest of the world has gently disappeared.  My heart pumps with yours, my lungs breathe for you. No emotion has ever felt so raw. A mother’s love intertwined with the fear that I will never be the woman you deserve me to be.  But I can promise you that I’ll never spend a day without loving you.

One thought on “24 weeks

  1. I really welcome in the motherhood and i wish you all the best. This is another level of growth that will always keep you smilling. I like the fact that you understand that every breath you breath is for that angel. Im happy for you my sister. I miss you a lot.

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